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How to sign up as a model on Chaturbate

The first question you should ask yourself if you're considering a career as a webcam model is "Is being a cam girl right for me?".


It's essential to consider all of the ramifications and consequences of becoming a performer in the adult industry. Whether you want to strip in a bar for dozens of men, or perform online for hundreds, a career in adult entertainment is a very public one. Sooner or later, someone who knows you may discover what you do for a living, whether it's friends or family. Are you comfortable with that. Some girls are, others are not. Weight that fact very carefully.

Why is Chaturbate such a good site to work for?


It's a popular webcam sex service with tons of traffic.

The key to making money as a webcam model is to work for a service with a decent viewership. No sense spending hours in free chat waiting for a few customers to appear. Volume matters, and this is where Chaturbate really shines. It's a site that has grown into one of the most popular webcam sex sites on the Internet. This means that you walk into a service that has an instant base of well qualified prospects to earn money from.


It's micro transaction based, so viewers actually spend money.

Given the current economic reality, consumers of adult entertainment products are seeking to get maximum value for their money. This has led to the phenomenon of crowd sourced webcam shows. Traditionally, webcam shows were private affairs where a single viewer paid a per minute fee to spend time with a webcam model. These fees ranged anywhere from $1 per minute to as much as $7.99 per minute - if not more. But times have changed. These days, few consumers are willing to pay that much money for a private cam show. And with fewer customers, you end up spending hours on end in free chat with little to show for it.

This is why more and more webcam sex consumers are migrating towards crowd sourced webcam shows. This marketing concept is based on the premise that instead of getting paid by a single customer, you get paid by hundreds of customers for whom you perform at the same time in a public video chat room. The concept only works when a site can provide a large number of viewers. And this is why it works so well on Chaturbate. Even if only 10% of viewers tip, you can still earn a decent income.


You can sell your own videos and picture sets.

Chaturbate knows that they only make money if their models make money. That's why the site provides you with so many avenues to earn extra income. One of my favorite features is the ability to sell both videos and picture sets from your profile page. This allows performers to earn income even when they're offline. The key is to produce content that you're viewers will want to pay for. Set some money aside from your earnings and have a professional studio produce nice softcore images of you in sexy lingerie. Not only will you be able to sell the pictures on Chaturbate, but you'll also be able to sell them on stock photo sites. Just remember to keep the pictures erotic and non nude. As for Chaturbate, your pictures and videos can be as wild and uncensored as you like.

As much as we like this feature, it would be nice if Chaturbate added the ability to sell MP 3 audio sex stories. Those would be a big hit with both models and customers.


Great promotional tools and widgets

Chaturbate is first and above all a community of adult performers who are not afraid to share their creations with others. The site features a full fledge programming API that let's the more technically savvy performers create custom widgets which can be used to coax more money out of your viewers. One such widget is called "Strip Show" and allows a performer to set a token value for each piece of her clothing. The more the customers tip, the more clothes she takes off.  There are currently over 150 of these widgets to choose from, each offering innovative new ways to keep your viewers entertained.


The site accepts men, women and couples - straight or gay

As we mentioned before, Chaturbate is a tolerant and inclusive community that embraces performers regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. That's a big part of what makes this site so much fun to work for. So if you're a couple, or gay, or even a sexy cam guy. Rest assured that you'll be welcomed with open arms. After all, variety is the spice of life.


You can advertise your blog, website or twitter feed from your profile page

This feature is what sets Chaturbate apart from the competition. They are very performer friendly. In fact, they will let you customize your profile to your hearts desire, and that includes the ability to add HTML tags and links right in your profile page. This is an incredibly powerful feature that allows you to promote your own website or blog to hundreds, if not thousands of your fans. You could even link to a twitter account and build up a valuable following. If you play your cards right with this feature, you can make tons of extra money promoting affiliate products and adult dating sites from your own blog. The possibilities are endless.


Your followers get an instant email alerting them every time you come online to perform

There's not better feeling than showing up in your chat room and having hundreds of your fans come online almost instantly. This is the magic of the follow button that is located on your Chaturbate profile page. Whenever a user chooses to follow you, he/she will receive an email alert every time you come online to perform. By simply login into your chat room, hundreds, if not thousands of your fans will automatically be notified of your presence. And remember, your followers are the customers who tip the most because they have forged a special bond with you.

The always pay on time

I've been associated with Chaturbate since the very beginning and can vouch for their honestly when it comes to paying their affiliates. They have never once missed or been late with a payment. That really matters when you depend on their income to pay the rent. They are simply people you can trust to always pay you on time.